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About the Name: Samara

Our "Peaceful Place"

Samara is a family name signifying all that is peaceful, pleasant and tranquil.  

Samara was the name given to my mother's childhood home, near the shores of the Indian Ocean on South Africa's Eastern Cape. When I think of my happiest childhood memories, and many made as a young adult, they were at the "original" Samara house.

The name Samara is a combination of my great-grandparents' names: Samuel & Sara.  Samara also has beautiful meanings in several languages: Protected by God, in Hebrew and Of the Gods in Hindi.

Just as the original Samara is etched in my heart as a place where happy, life-long memories were created...It is my family's hope that this new "Samara" becomes synonymous with your "peaceful place", and that it becomes a place where precious memories can be made between family and friends for years to come.

~ SS, Co-Owner